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A critically important reminder for business that -- out of dozens, thousands (or even millions) of customer contacts a year -- every once in a while,a tiny (hopefully) number of those customers will be treated poorly. In this digital, social networked world,, however, a poorly treated customer may have the means, motivation and unique skills to tell the world. In the unlikely event that you have been living in a cave, "United Breaks Guitars" (Chapter 1, a follow-up statement, and Chapter 2) are perfect lessons.


And here's an example of how one company -- Taylor Guitars (maker of the guitar that was broken) took lemons and made lemonade. Nearly half a million people have viewed this video.


- more to come-

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Tom Peters on Corporate Social Responsibiity

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The BBB International Torch Awards program recognizes two businesses and one individual in three categories: Marketplace Excellence, Advancing Marketplace Trust, and Consumer Leadership. This year's awards were held on April 20, 2010.


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